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Glimmer Terms of Service

These terms of service are a work in progress. They are loosely derived from Pinboard's terms of service.


Your privacy is important to Glimmer. This guides the development of new features. We won't change the visibility of any content without your express consent.

You own the copyrights to your photos and other content that you upload. Glimmer will not intentionally display your photos to anyone you haven't shared them with, nor will your photos ever be used for any promotional purposes.

You have the right to export your data. For now you can get a suitable archive by emailing support@glimmer.cc. Tools that let you download data are being developed.

You can close your account at any time by emailing support@glimmer.cc. If you have made payments to Glimmer, they will be refunded on a prorated basis -- for example, if you pay for a year of use but cancel after 3 months of use, we'll refund you for the 9 months that you didn't use.

If the site ceases operation, you will receive an opportunity to download your stored data.

Your personal data such as history, email address, and identity will not be intentionally shared with any third party without your consent.

Your data is backed up regularly.

You have the right to receive an explanation, and when possible advance warning, if your account is throttled or cancelled for the reasons outlined below.

You will be treated with respect and discretion.


You must be 18 or over to use this site.

You may not use the site to harass other users. Glimmer reserves the right to cancel or block accounts of users that harass others.

You may not use the site to violate copyrights. You must either own the rights or have permission to distribute anything that you upload to Glimmer. If you find a copyright violation, email support@glimmer.cc.

You must not abuse the site by knowingly posting malicious code, or links to malicious sites, that could harm other users. If you find a security or privacy bug, please report it to support@glimmer.cc right away.

You may not make automated requests to the site more frequently than once every thirty seconds.

Glimmer reserves the right to throttle accounts consuming an unreasonable proportion of site resources.

You cannot upload content illegal under California or US law.