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Glimmer Privacy Policy

This policy is a work in progress. The current form is derived from Pinboard's privacy policy.

Your privacy is a very high priority for Glimmer. Privacy bugs will recieve immediate attention. New features that affect privacy will always be opt-in.

All pages use SSL.

Glimmer does not share individual user data with third parties under any circumstances.

The site will never show ads.

With a few exceptions, Glimmer does not serve third-party content anywhere on the site. Those exceptions are:

  1. Google analytics on the "landing" page glimmer.cc. Google Analytics scripts are not served to logged-in users.
  2. The page to create a new album loads scripts from Google, Dropbox, and perhaps other service in the future. This allows you to upload files from those services. You can switch this feature off in your settings page.
  3. The payment page loads scripts from Stripe.

We use Piwik Analytics. This glimmer-hosted script collects data such as how long a page takes to load, browser versions, screen resolutions etc. The data stays with Glimmer and is never shared with anyone.

If there is a privacy breach, Glimmer will disclose it as soon as possible.

If you spot a privacy leak, please report it to support@glimmer.cc.